Nokia Lumia

Even Nokias can Break!

Nokias Break?

Nokias do break! Trust me, I have broken mine. But they can be fixed too.

Starting at just £80

Most Nokia Lumia screens can be repaired within the price range of £80-£100, sometimes it can be less! Call us on 07772566682 for a no-obligation quote!

Current Prices

The current prices for Nokia Lumia repair are:

  • Lumia 800 - £80 (includes new LCD)
  • Lumia 820 - £80 (+£90 for broken LCD)
  • Lumia 620 - £60 (+£50 for broken LCD)

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iPhone 5/5s/5c

iPhone 5....

That huge expanse of glass is still prone to cracking and cracking means bleeding finger-tips so get your smashed screen fixed today!

Screen Repair Price

Current prices for iPhone 5:

  • Cracked Glass: £45
  • Broken/faulty LCD: £45
  • Both of the above £45

Current prices for iPhone 5s and 5c:

  • Cracked Glass: £55
  • Broken/faulty LCD: £55
  • Both of the above £55

Grab a Quote

Make sure you get a quote for your iPhone 5 repair as this means you will get our best price! Call 07772566682 Now!

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iPhone 4/4s


That's how many iPhone 4 and 4s's we have repaired in the past 3 years. That's also 500+ happy customers you'll be pleased to hear!

Repair Price Guide

We can fix pretty much anything to do with these phones but here is a rough price guide:

  • Cracked front glass - £35 (Replaces LCD too)
  • Cracked back glass - £15
  • Both of the above - £42.50
  • Not charging/other issues Please call - not usually more than £10

The colouring in our glass is fantastic quality, black is black (not grey) and white is certainly not yellow! All of our LCD screen are checked for dead pixels and for touch sensitivity before fitting, our supplier knows we only take the best quality parts!

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iPhone 3G/3Gs

We've seen it all

When it comes to the older models of iPhone we have truly seen every problem!

Price Guide

These prices are a guide but 99% of the time you can trust these:

  • Cracked glass (screen still works) – £47 £25
  • Cracked LCD (screen and glass both broken) - £47 £35
  • Broken home button – Please email or call
  • Not charging/working on music dock-  From £15 (subject to diagnosis)
  • Ear speaker not functioning -Please email or call
  • Music speaker not functioning (the ones at the bottom of the phone) – From £15 (subject to diagnosis)
  • “Bootloop” problems (not jailbroken) – £15 (subject to diagnosis)

Time for a quote!

Remember, all of our quotes are no-obligation! Just remember, our work is of the highest quality and all parts have a warranty! Fill out the quote form or call 07772566682.

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